John Anthony

A1 Entertainment

"Everyone has been touched by cancer one way or another, I happened to be touch by it multiple way and I couldn’t think of a better way to donate my time and my connections to this organization. I like the Cave brothers and what they stand for and I am going to continue to go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Danny PIsani

Contour Mortgage

"We support PinkTie every year. I am looking forward to everybody getting together for a great cause, the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation does so much for our community and it is very important.”

Joey Reynolds


“I am the only guy here tonight without a pink tie. I don’t have one because I am going to earn my pink tie tonight. I am going to give a thousand dollars.”

Gianni Russo

Actor | Don Corleone Vodka

“The cause is very dear to me, we have all had family members that have been sick. Research is more important than anything and I like what they are doing.”

Mitch Modell

CEO Modell's

What made you say yes to PinkTie? “It’s such a great cause- It is really such a fabulous organization and we are thrilled to be a part of it. I love the fact that we are raising a lot money for such a great cause. You have everybody in great celebration mood, you have a lot of athletes and celebrities here and we are just enjoying the moment.”

Eric Davis

Reds | Baseball

“I am a cancer survivor. It is very dear to my heart. Any time that anything has to do with cancer, we are all part of one big family, whenever I can come out to support, I try do that.”

Cletus “Hebrew Hammer” Seldin

WBC Junior Welterweight Champ

This is my second time coming down to the PinkTie event. I like going to show my support, I enjoy helping out and giving back to the people who come out to support me.

Cecil Fielder

NY Yankees | Baseball

“PinkTie is an organization that is doing it for everybody, I think that’s a great thing and I like to be involved with things like that.” My sister, my mother are cancer survivors, I am blessed with that. It is a very crippling disease for a lot of people and I think everybody in this United States or this world have had someone affected by cancer, so it’s a good thing to come out and fight for that.”

Sean Landetta

Former NY Giant 2X SuperBowl Champ

“Everybody on Long Island is so aware of the PinkTie event, what it stands for and what it does. I try to come every year if I can to support because it’s such a great cause and it is something that touches everybody.”

Wesley Walker

Former NY Jets

“ It’s great to see such a great turnout for a good cause. When you can influence people or bring a smile to people’s faces. I think everybody here has someone dealing with cancer or some related cause, as a celebrity athlete, you can be a role model, you can lend your time and try to be an uplifting spirit.”

Riddick Bowe

Former Heavy Weight Champ

“I think it is a good cause and I think we need to knock cancer out!”

Ron Greschner

Former Ranger

“My sister is a two-time cancer survivor, I hate to use that cliché about wanting to give things back, but I just love doing anything like this that can help.”

Elisa DiStefano

Entertainment & Reporter News 12

Why PinkTie?
“I have been in it from the beginning. From the very first year. I think that any organization that wants to help people or help fund research for cancer on Long Island when I think that is one of our biggest problems, I think that is something that touches every single one of us, sadly in some way, is something that I want to support.”

Caroline Monti

President | The Don Monti Foundation

"We are grateful and it is a fun night for everyone! We are helping patients on Long Island. We serve Long Island and we’ve done that for 44 years. We are very local and very grass roots and I think PinkTie is too. They are about Long Island, we are about Long Island. I think we are a very good fit!"

Ottis “OJ” Anderson

Super Bowl Champion NY Giants

"I support a lot of causes and events but tonight has to be one of the greatest of them all."

Steve Bellone

Suffolk County Executive

"I’ve been to a lot of events in my time, and this is absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen so many people in one place."

Bobby Nystrom

NY Islanders

"I’ve heard about this organization quite a while ago. They do terrific work and have terrific support."

Jim Leyritz

NY Yankees

"If we can keep raising awareness, we can help people stop breast cancer, before it’s too late."