Be in the Business of Doing Good

Support the Community that Supports You 

Now, more than ever, we need business leaders to serve our most vulnerable communities in this time of need. In all businesses, leaders need to do the right thing for the people involved: clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders.Through PinkTie's Doorstep Donation Program, we help organizations prioritize and re-engage business communities. Creating your own Doorstep Donation Drive will service local food pantries and feed at-risk families.

Doing Well By Doing Good

During these difficult times, businesses hold an important moral and ethical place in our society. 72% of Americans said they felt it was more important that companies they buy from reflect their values. Business leaders have the potential to show the world that their company can rise to the occasion and be a force for good.

Re-Engage Your Employees and Teams ​

Self-isolation can be a recipe for unchecked anxiety and feelings of loneliness or depression. Create a Doorstep Donation Program to motivate your employees during this uncertain time.
Our program helps business leaders create team-work camaraderie and employee retention.  

Lead By Example 

Give employees an opportunity to interact with their colleagues again -- even if it's from a distance.
COVID-19 has shaped a new reality for our community. With the Doorstep Donation Program, business leaders can uphold a social responsibility to employees and colleagues and everyone can participate from the safety of their home.  Be in the business of doing good. Grow your business through giving back. 

Your act of kindness will be felt throughout the community in the hearts, souls and stomachs of families in need. ​ 


Thank you to all our corporate sponsors, volunteers and donors

Companies Involved: