Since 1864 Dime Community Bank has helped the communities and boroughs of New York weather the storms. From The Great Depression to The Financial Crisis of 2008, Hurricane Sandy, and now the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dime is here to help in any way we can.

When the PinkTie organization reached out, it was obvious that it was a perfect fit for Dime to lend support. These Food Drives will have a direct impact to communities, and help the very families that make New York what it is today. Dime is proud to be a supporter of the PinkTie Doorstep Delivery Program and Pink Tie as a resource for families of New York in need.

-- Steve Miley, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing


OUR MISSION's mission is to benefit charitable organizations through various fundraising efforts, therefore, bettering the community in which we live. In order to do so, we enlist the help of long island's business professionals, which allows us to not only raise funds and awareness but also bring them more business. Additionally, all the funds stay where raised, creating the most effective community impact. Together, we can make a difference in our community.