Long Islanders Attend 4th Annual Pink Tie Gala at Crest Hollow Country Club

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May 23, 2016
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June 3, 2016

Woodbury, NY – Almost three thousand Long Islanders attended the 4th Annual Pink Tie Gala at the Crest Hollow Country Club. Pink Tie was founded on the idea of bringing sports, networking and charity together; creating an atmosphere of excitement where people can meet and do business all the while coming together for a great cause.

After the success of their first two annual events, Pink Tie decided to launch a new initiative, PinkTie1000. PinkTie1000 is a 100% pass through organization, with the mission to compel 1,000 professionals to commit to contributing $100/quarter ($400 per year). In turn they will collectively cut a $100,000 check to local charities each quarter.


Long Beach Film Festival Founder Ingrid Dodd and Cognac pose for a photo-op.

PinkTie1000’s core mission is to benefit local organizations, nationwide, in the communities that they serve. Pinktie 1000 is predominately volunteer with zero-to-minimal overhead expenses and administrative fees.

This year’s beneficiary is Don Monte Memorial Research Foundation. The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation has been recognized as the premier organization dedicated to research, education, fellowship and patient care in the fields of oncology and hematology in the Long Island/Tri-State area. The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation is committed to the ultimate goal of eradicating cancer through the research programs it supports. But we also recognize that cancer has a very human face. As a result, 40% of the Foundation’s budget is dedicated to patient care at our four Don Monti Cancer Centers, including the Don Monti Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Unit at North Shore University Hospital. For more information please visit donmontifoundation.org.


Pinktie.org Co-Founder Rich Cave and Cognac.

This year musical performance featured Michael DelGuidice & Big Shot – celebrating the Music of Billy Joel. Past PinkTie.org Events have included sports athletes Jim Leyritz, Dwight “Doc” Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Walter “Clyde” Frazier, Otis “OJ” Anderson, Joe Klecko, Renaldo Snipes, Greg Buttle, Bobby Nystrom, Wesley Walker, Kevin Plawecki, Cecil Fielder, Jeff Beukeboom, Eric Anderson, Ed Kranepool, Buddy Harrelson, Erik Coleman, Brent Sopel and Gary Sheffield

During the gala I was fortunate to speak to Co-founder Rich Cave of Pink Tie.


Cognac: Welcome back darlings, I am Cognac Wellerlane and I am here at the Pink Tie gala and I am here with one of the founders or rather should I say the brother of the founder. He is going to tell us what this organization is really all about. Introduce yourself to the camera.

Rich Cave: Sure, I am Rich Cave. My brother Mike Cave founded Pink Tie and I have been blessed to work alongside of him for all these years and grow this from just a startup type of event to what it has become today. It’s really unlike anything else that Long Island has seen. It’s not your average sit down dinner with honorees and awards. It really is experiential. It allows our sponsors to interact with the guests.


Pinktie.org Co-Founder Rich Cave and Cognac.

Yes I see that and I have been having a spectacular time. There is fireworks, there is music, there is an Olympic size built in swimming pool with fireworks behind us…more importantly it’s about this wonderful organization. Tell my audience the history of this wonderful organization.

Rich: Our beneficiary this year is Don Monte Memorial Research Foundation. They have been around forty-three years fighting the fight against Cancer here on Long Island.. .really leading the way in the form of research with Cold Spring Laboratories and treatment and North Shore LIJ and North Well Health Group. We could not ask for a better beneficiary. As a young organization the credibility the organization give us is tremendous.

It’s amazing the work that you people do, you are all so dedicated with this fundraiser. How many people are here tonight?


Teresa Steinberg, Cognac Wellerlane and Jennifer Ravell pose for a photo-op at the Pink Tie Gala.

Rich: Close to 3,000 people here tonight.

Wow 3,000 people… oh my God. That is amazing.

Rich: It’s a very humbling experience.

It is a very humbling experience. I wore my pink tie as you can see and you have your pink tie on. I want you to tell my audience where we can go to find out more information. What is the website?

Rich: The website is PinkTie.org. You can go there and find out more upcoming events. Really the message and the premise of this organization is growing your business by giving back. We are trying to convince other Long Island businesses to look at the dollars they are spending marketing wise, look at the dollars they are spending philanthropically and making sure it goes to the right cause.


Pinktie.org event Publisher Paul Anthony of Affluent New York Magazine and Cognac.

Let me ask you something, your brother… what was the story… his family… his wife… did she suffer from breast cancer?

Rich: No actually our aunt my mom’s younger sister died of breast cancer at forty-nine years old. At the time she had six children, none of them had even graduated high school yet, so it was a traumatic experience for our family and it really made us wake up to wanting to take this large number that we have grown into to give back.

One more time, what is the website?

Rich: PinkTie.org.


Reporter Elisa DeStefano and Cognac.

PinkTie.org has become the backbone of Long Island’s fastest-growing philanthropy movement – a collaborative “go-giving” effort uniting Long Island’s socially conscious professionals to make a difference in our community. Last year’s Event raised $300,000 for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation and hosted to over 2000 guests. This year attendance is expected to once again raise a monumental amount of funds for the Don Monti Foundation, the leader in cancer research on Long Island for over 40 years. 100% of funds raised will go to the cancer cause!

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