Keller Williams Door Step Donation Drive
May 12, 2020
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PinkTie Delivers

Minimum Donation: $1.00


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Food Pantries are losing monetary donations due to cancelled events and fundraisers. Galas and luncheons – food pantries’ biggest fundraising vehicles – simply don’t exist in the age of social distancing.​ Now, more than ever, there’s an urgent need for monetary donations as food inventory diminishes and local food drives come to a halt. The PinkTie Delivers initiative will come to people’s doorsteps to pick up food donations and then deliver them to food pantries across Long Island. In addition to picking up doorstep donations, we need to support our local pantries ​ monetarily as they continue to combat food insecurity caused by the pandemic.

People typically consume 3 – 5 pounds of food a day.  Consider donating to PinkTie to feed someone in need.

Approximate Costs and Estimations
Grocery Cost Breakdown
$25 = 2 days
$50 =  4 days
$100 = 7 days
$150 = 10 days

Grocery Donations
10 pounds = 2 days
15 pounds = 4 days
35 pounds = 7 days
50 pounds = 10 days